A Message From Our Pastor

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We are living in a time of material abundance and advanced technological discoveries.

Our country is renowned as one of the best countries in the world in providing social security, equality of its citizens, regardless of race, religious beliefs, political inclination or level of education.

Yet there are individuals who, in their loneliness and perceived separation from their loved ones and society, never discovered the purpose of their lives, departed from this life disillusioned some even taking their own lives.

Some turned into the life of various crimes. Who can number all those distressed, abused and unhappy searching for a better tomorrow?

We need to understand the reason and purpose of our own existence and know the path of our eternal destiny. We need to have a sense of belongings to. We need to love and to be loved and view ourselves as a worthwhile human beings.

The Bible declares that people perish for the lack of knowledge.

Through the Bible and the teaching of Jesus Christ, God is bringing to our attention the real values, which matter in our lives in relationship with God and each other.

There are many whose lives were changed and transformed by the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit, from the path of self destruction by various addictions.

Those lives are part of living proofs of the existence of God but also of His interest in restoration of lives, spiritual and physical wellbeing and relationship with Him and others in righteousness.

It is the church of the living God who provides the spiritual leadership and presents the real values and the purpose of life.

The best effort of society and its leadership on every level is in vain when struggling against apathy and attitude of valueless and self centred individuals in society.

The new birth experience is more than just a patch up work. It is a result of a personal experience with the living God, which results in changed life and attitude, new sets of values and willingness to apply the principles of God in every aspect of life.

It is the presence of the Holy Spirit, which inspires and also enables the child of God to live victorious life about temptation and activities resulting in condemnation and moral decay.

We are privileged to share and present the principles of God, which changed the lives of many for the better.

We are extending the invitation to you to come and to have your own experience. Our services are filled with joy and excitement and you will see the life changing affects of the ministry of the Lord Jesus expressed in the lives of people.

You will find the loving, friendly and family atmosphere we have found in knowing the love of the Lord Jesus.

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