Capable but unable or Incapable but available

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Written by Pastor Peter Tuchyna   

Capable but unable or Incapable but available

Rev. P.Tuchyna

John 8:32 , John 8:36 , John 8:24 .

The life of every individual is marked with the reality of 4 phenomenons distinctively forming our outlook

not only upon ourselves but upon the environment we are a part of. According to the power of our own

convictions as well as the desire, willingness to make an effort, and according to the healthy ambitions we

have and the persuasion of its rightness or lack of it, we either form the environment around us and change

it or we subdue ourselves, we resign in our effort and consequently are influenced and formed by our own


So the life of individuals is marked by the reality of micro worlds, which consist of the thoughts and

experiences of the past and how we lived, the lives we are living right now and how we would like to live

and the life we wish to live in the future.

I am convinced that there is no exception in the life of any individual as we experience the discrepancy

between our own expectations, the thoughts of our own perceived value and our capabilities and the reality

of our present experience.

The malfunction in the centre of human will, (the power of inspiration to pursue) and the resignation to

passivity is a result of the lack of recognition of the reason(s) of unfulfilled expectations.

It is a very common response of many admitting that they don’t even know why and what went wrong.

After several unsuccessful attempts to climb up to the level of personal expectation, there is usually

tendency to resign into apathy with the consequent feelings of bitterness, dejection, low self esteem, and

jealousy, sense of failure, anger and insulation from respect and recognition and acceptance by others.

The Word of God is indescribable in its beauty and the power of God picking up a defeated, wounded and

degraded and polluted man lying and wallowing in the miry clay lifting him up and elevating him into the

place of honour and purpose and desired beauty.

The Word of God is unveiling before our own spiritual eyes the deep secrets and links of our human

substance as well as the correlation between our attitude, and attributes, the knowledge, the direction we

are taking in our lives and application of all former and the outcome of our own personal experiences.

When the Old Testament preacher thought and elaborated the life of a man in all his complexities as well

as vulnerability he asked: “What is a man that you are mindful of him” as a reflection of God’s interest

in us.

Thinking now about our own lives, yours and mine, where do I see myself in the light of the potential, the

capability in me and the place of my personal standing right now?

We are speaking about the life and the purpose and the accomplishment of the child of God.

How do you view yourself (I myself) in the light of the expectation of God’s will as well as our own


Am I capable but unable or incapable but available?

    • Capable or capability is described as having ability, being competent, having the skill and experience

to do something. It means to have capacity, to have potential, being gifted, fitted, intelligent,

qualified and suited for the task or role.

    • Unable is described as impotent, lacking power, resources, not able, unfit, unwell, limited and

restrained, denied, prohibited and so on.

    • Incapable is described as having inadequate to provide, lack of opportunity or authority, inadequacy,

incompetence, powerlessness, disqualification and disability.

When God created a man he was capable to live in the flesh (body) as we have for the rest of eternity.

Gen 3:22 God declared after the man eat from the tree of knowledge. Behold the man is become as

one of us, to know good and evil: and now lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life

and eat and live forever; So the Lord sent man out of paradise.

Although a man was capable to live for ever in this body, God made him unable.

A heart surgeon is capable to transplant the heart, but he is unable to help a victim in the bush for he does

not have his equipment with him.

A pilot is capable to take a plane to the sky but he is unable to prevent the strike.

A teacher is capable to impart knowledge to hundreds and thousands of children, yet he is unable to

convince his child to study. He is a very capable business manager but he is unable to establish his own

business for the lack of finances. He is very capable horse rider but he does not have a horse.

I may surprise you by declaring that capable people are worse off in real life than the incapable ones

unless they accept reality.

Capable people can do almost everything. Most of them indeed make an attempt to do everything by

themselves but very seldom accomplish or finish it. They do not want to pay the price of worth to others.

Not many are able to satisfy them. They know better and they do always a better job and better service

than others. They are convincing others of their abilities. It is important for them to receive the recognition

of their abilities from others. They start one thousand and one projects in their lives but they are not able

to finish one off. Everybody around them knows why they are not able to finish it off. It’s always

somebody else’s fault, somebody else’s mistake, interference.

The reason why not much is accomplished in the life by capable people is because they concentrate their

attention upon the limitations, restrictions, restrains, malfunctions and lack of resources.

Capable people focus their attention upon the reason why they are unable to proceed.

Incapable people are being mindful of their inadequacy, incompetence; powerlessness and disability are

not bound by restrictions for even abundance of resources would not help them having the lack of ability,

skill, experience and expertise. The focus of their attention is upon their availability rather than ability.

It is interesting to note that apostle Paul declared: not many wise, not many prudent, not many noble with

great abilities are called. They rely heavily upon their abilities and talents. There is not much or nothing

that would please their ego and that would appeal to their ambitions.

Incapable people are making themselves available for the call, for the involvement. They are allowing

themselves to be led; they are accepting the teaching, direction and correction. They are free to look

around and with grateful heart acknowledging the opportunity given to them.

Such were the lives of the Old Testament patriarchs and other men of God.

Abraham, Moses and Joseph, Daniel, Samuel and Elijah, David and Solomon as well as the disciples and

apostles of Jesus recognized their inabilities.

Solomon declared before God I am like a child. I have no ability to lead your people. I need wisdom oh


God declared about the king Saul: while you were small in your eyes I made you the prince over my people.

While you were mindful that there is nothing you can offer to God apart of your life as is, unable and

inadequate, God dispatched his servant to anoint you with the oil of kingship and priesthood

(Samuel and Saul).

While the Pharisees and Sadducees and the Scribes and the Zealots and all the noble and capable people

knowledgeable in the law relied upon their own abilities and wisdom and skill and experience, while they

thought that they knew better than unlearned and unskilled and unprepared people, they did not recognize

the very God in their midst they professed to serve.

Those incapable but available, those empty and hungry and thirsty for the presence of God and his

righteousness experienced the fulfillment and acceptance.

They became recipients and partakers of the presence of God in the promised outpouring of the

Holy Spirit.

They had nothing to offer so they were ready to receive.

They had nothing to teach so they accepted the teaching of Jesus.

They were not capable and knowledgeable so they were ready to be led.

They were not capable to engage in great things,

so they were no buying the land and needing to see it.

No buying the bullocks and needing to check it.

No getting married representing the care of life.

They were poor in their spirit so they received the kingdom of heaven.

They were mourning in their spirit so they received the joy unspeakable and full of glory.

They had no recognition of the society so they did not have to please man.

They had not much material possession so they could follow Jesus.

They had much affliction so Jesus could set them free.

They were much deceased so Jesus could heal them.

They were downcast so Jesus could uplift them.

Nobody loved them so they embraced the love of Jesus.

They were empty so Jesus could fill them with His spirit.

They were suppressed so they embraced the boldness of the H S.

Nobody taught them anything before so their minds were not polluted.

Jesus told them to teach others so they appreciated the opportunity.

Jesus told them that he is with them so they never walked alone.

Jesus told them that he will give them words to speak so they sought no the wisdom of men.

Jesus told them that He will confirm His presence and perform miracles and wonders, so that increased

their boldness.

They had nothing to offer the world on their own so they spoke about Jesus..

They had no pride in them so they did not get offended.

They didn’t have to preserve the respect and status in the society (which they did not have) so they were

not ashamed to suffer for the Christ.

They didn’t have high places and positions in the society so they had no fear to loose it.

They knew that they were incapable on they own so they made themselves available.

They didn’t have obligation towards others so they couldn’t be exploited.

They were not dependant upon favour from others so they couldn’t be blackmailed.

They accepted Jesus so he could set them free.

When I have a choice to be capable or incapable I choose the later. For the later makes me available.

Available for the flow and the anointing and the presence of Jesus and the unsearchable riches and the

beauty of God’s presence and His willingness to lead and to teach and to manifest himself.

Jesus is setting me free to live as I want to, not as I wish to.

With Jesus I lived the life I would like to repeat over and over again.

With Jesus I will live the life as I dream and plan and want to.

Jesus set me free and set his every child free that I am not enslaved even to myself.

There is no man who can enslave me, no a human or angel who can exploit me, not an individual who

can blackmail me. There is no force or power or authority, which can rob me. Rob me of the joy of my

Salvation, the assurance of the love of Jesus, the presence and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

No one can steal it. No one can corrupt it. No one can diminish it. No one can buy it for little bit of

more money.

There is no enemy able to interrupt and break the supply of God’s provision. No weather, the draught

nor flood, nor cyclone or stock market crash. Not the economy or the changed boss’s mood.

I can run into the arm of my Father and to find a rest. I can hear the heartbeat of his heart declaring I

love you.

When the Nehemiah rebuild the walls and the gates of Jerusalem he stood up to proclaim the word of

the Lord as recorded: Nehemiah 8:8-11 .

This day is holy unto the Lord your God; mourn not, nor weep for the joy of the Lord is your

strength. Hold your peace for the day is holy, neither be ye grieved.

And the people went their way rejoicing because they had understood the words that were declared

unto them.

They understood that their God is loving and personal God as we understand today.

Nehemiah declared, you were fighting, you were struggling, and you were suffering and you were fasting.

You were denying yourself the blessings of the Lord for the walls of your life were broken. But today is

the day of the Lord. It is a day of joy. It is a day of celebration for the Lord visited his people again.

Eat and drink and rejoice when the walls of your life were rebuilt. For to mourn (sorrow) is the sign of

brokenness as the joy is the sign of victory.

He that the Son sets free is free indeed…

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